Vitax Cabbage Collars

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Pack of 30 Vitax Cabbage Collars to provide protection from Cabbage Root Fly.

Cabbage Collars provide a simple, efficient and non-chemical means of protecting your brassicas from this serious pest.

They work by preventing the adult fly from laying eggs near to the base of your plants. This in turn stops maggots developing, which are the cause of problems as they burrow into the soil to feast on the roots of your Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli plants.

Vitax Cabbage Collars are simply placed around the stem of your plants after planting. As the stem thickens, the collar will expand to ensure that growth is not restricted.
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GTIN 5012351040104
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Vitax Cabbage Collars

Vitax Cabbage Collars