Bruder MB Arocs Halfpipe Dump Truck 03623

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  • EAN4001702036232
Power, ruggedness and efficiency are paramount every day while driving on the road or working at the construction site. Mercedes-Benz developed Arocs to satisfy these specific needs to the full extent. Apart from adding these technical features, the manufacturer also overhauled the design accordingly. For instance, the front of the radiator grille now sports a 'bucket tooth' design with the 'teeth' intended to signify that the vehicle is tough and hands-on and to express shear power. When adopting the design of its real-world brother, we focused on the sturdiness customers have come to expect from Bruder and fitted the driver's cab with opening doors to allow Bruder's toy figures to climb in.

The special halfpipe shape ensures that the loaded freight will automatically be positioned in the centre, which is of great benefit while driving and makes unloading as easy as can be. The 3-level extendible cylinder of the tipping trough and the tailgate can be locked in different steps to allow for as many play situations as possible.

• Folding outside mirror

• Doors can be opened

• Tailgate can be opened

• Tread tyres

• Compatible with figure
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Brand Bruder
GTIN 4001702036232
Model Number 03623
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Bruder MB Arocs Halfpipe Dump Truck 03623

Bruder MB Arocs Halfpipe Dump Truck 03623