Electric Fencing - Sale Products

Electric Fencing - Sale Products


We stock products from Hotline, Rutland, and Gwaza.


Owing to new stock coming in and the need to make room, we have a lot of Reduced-to-clear stock.  For the Full range, please come in to see us at our Front Counter department.

Prices include VAT.

Hotline Phoenix 2500 Time Delay Mains Energiser reduced from £564.00 to £510.00 (RRP £622.20)

Hotline Centaur 0.2J 9V Battery Energiser  reduced from £108 to £72  (RRP 127.00)

Rutland Metal Easyway Strainer (18 - 183) Pack of 5  reduced from £18.61 to £13.05 (RRP £19.59)

Rutland Heavy Duty Electrotape 200m x 20mm  reduced from 37.55 to 55.69

Rutland  Free Running Tape Insulators  Pack of 20 reduced from £9.80 to £6.90


........and lots more

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Centaur 0.2J 9V Battery EnergiserCentaur 0.2J 9V Battery Energiser
Centaur 0.2J 9V Battery Energiser
A 9V mid-powered energiser with internally housed battery (not included). Light and portable, suitable for a range of applications. Features a low battery and pulse indicator. Stored Joules: 0.2J. Output Joules: 0.14J. Voltage under load: 9.2kV/1.6kV. Consumption: 30mA. Maximum distance: 4km. Capable of powering to up to 2 sheep nets. Please note that a minimum of one 1m earth stake is recommended...
£72.00 inc VAT
Electro Tape Joiner Small (Pack of 5)Electro Tape Joiner Small (Pack of 5)
Electro Tape Joiner Small (Pack of 5)
Electro-Tape Joiner for use with 12mm and 20mm wide tape. Made from stainless steel.
£3.95 inc VAT
Electro Tape TensionerElectro Tape Tensioner
Electro Tape Tensioner
Electro-Tape tensioner for use with 20mm wide tape. Made of aluminium.
£7.99 inc VAT
Free Running Tape Insulator (Pack of 20)
Free Running Tape Insulator (Pack of 20)
Wood post insulator for permanent fencing applications. Allows poly tape (up to 40mm wide) to be free running. Can be nailed or screwed to wooden posts.
£6.90 inc VAT
Metal Easyway Strainer (Pack of 5)Metal Easyway Strainer (Pack of 5)
Metal Easyway Strainer (Pack of 5)
Metal strainer to join high tensile wire. Use with handle 18-174.
£13.05 inc VAT
Pigtail Insulator (Pack of 10)
Pigtail Insulator (Pack of 10)
Fits over top of 10mm round metal post. Ideal for poly wire, rope or steel wire.
£14.99 inc VAT
Strain Insulator for Tape (Pack of 2)
Strain Insulator for Tape (Pack of 2)
Heavy-duty wood post insulator for use with 12mm, 20mm or 40mm poly tape. Use at the start and finish of any permanent fence tape run. Nail or screw to wood post.
£4.99 inc VAT