Bruder Joskin Tipping Trailer 02212

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The 3-axle tipper of the Belgium manufacturer Joskin is one of the largest and heaviest tipping trailers on the market. Designed for heavy load and transport under extreme conditions such as working underground or agricultural use on rough terrain, the originals of these monsters capture up to 24 tons of payload or up to 29 cubic metres capacity.

The impressive Bruder model has been developed in the same way as the original Trans-SPACE series and has a folding and locking tipping trough with automatic tailgate opening in accordance with our slogan just like the real thing. The 3-axle chassis compensates all terrain roughness.

• Fold-out support leg

• Tub tipping trough folds up and can be locked in position by means of a telescopic arm

• Tailgate can be opened

• Tailgate can be fixed in various positions

• Corn hatch can be opened

• 3-axle chassis

To add to the fun of playing, it can be combined with all tractors from the Bruder range.
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GTIN 4001702022129
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Bruder Joskin Tipping Trailer 02212

Bruder Joskin Tipping Trailer 02212