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WOW Advent Calender TownWOW Advent Calender Town
WOW Advent Calender Town
Each day in the lead up to Christmas reveals a cute toy which can be matched with the numbers on the fold down play scene to make your very own Christmas world. Both boys and girls will love collecting new toys as Christmas approaches with a limited edition push-along police car included as well as exclusive figures and a build your own tree and snow man. * Content: 24 toys including 1 push-along...
£23.99 inc VAT
WOW Bumpety-Bump BernieWOW Bumpety-Bump Bernie
WOW Bumpety-Bump Bernie
Bump, Bump, Bump I go across the farm fields. My super suspension means I can bob up and down around the WOW farm fields without even a scratch to my paintwork! A favourite amongst all WOW fans, my awesome set will be sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end! My pig friend, Patch, loves to ride on the detachable trailer and Shona the sheep has her own little compartment behind the...
£18.50 inc VAT
WOW Farm Buddy BennyWOW Farm Buddy Benny
WOW Farm Buddy Benny
Farm Buddy Benny here, out on the WOW farm fields! My good friends, Clark the farmer and Shep the dog, help me do all sorts of jobs on WOW farm. We feed the animals, stack the hay and water the fields amongst all sorts of other fun-filled activities! We also sneak off sometimes when no one’s looking for a big mud pie fight or a race down Mount WOW! Don’t tell any of the other WOW collection though...
£10.30 inc VAT
WOW Farm Friends Triple PackWOW Farm Friends Triple Pack
WOW Farm Friends Triple Pack
A collection of fab farm items. Sound to aid development Motor feature 6 functions & features This toy has a metal hook for a trailer 14 piece set
£29.99 inc VAT
WOW Fire Buggy BertieWOW Fire Buggy Bertie
WOW Fire Buggy Bertie
I’m Fire Buggy Bertie, but you can call me Bert! I’m always straight on the scene as soon as a fire breaks out in WOW Town. Along with my pet Dalmatian, Russell and my fire fighter driver, Kurt, we can always protect the public and keep any fire under control. We can drive on or off road with my awesome fun rocking action! The whole WOW team know they’re safe with us around so leave it to good...
£9.50 inc VAT
WOW Motorbike MaxWOW Motorbike Max
WOW Motorbike Max
Motorbike Max here, cruising along with my friendly driver, Gus, his partner, Annie, and baby, Tilly. We’re off for a good old fashioned picnic in the country fields on this fine summer’s day and our loyal dog, Wiggles, has come along for the ride too. Fancy joining us? My favourite hobby is cruising down windy country lanes on a fine, summer’s evening. My easy to use flip-open picnic basket...
£12.50 inc VAT
WOW Police Buggy Bobby
WOW Police Buggy Bobby
I’m Police Buggy Bobbie, but you can call me Bob! I’m always straight on the scene as soon as there’s a crime in WOW Town. Along with my trusty dog, Bentley and my policeman driver, PC Taylor, we can always protect the public and keep any problem under control. We can drive on or off road with my awesome fun rocking action! The whole WOW team know they’re safe with us around so leave it to...
£9.50 inc VAT
WOW Police Chase CharlieWOW Police Chase Charlie
WOW Police Chase Charlie
I’m PC Charlie and I’m your trusty PC in WOW Town. I work tirelessly night and day with my friends, the Police Patrol Riders and Police Plane Pete to make sure everyone is safe and happy in WOW Town. I use my powerful motor to make my way around town and my motor sounds make everyone aware I’m on the beat! My policeman driver, Cash, can open the flip top roof using the ‘magic’ WOW push button...
£12.50 inc VAT
WOW Police Patrol RidersWOW Police Patrol Riders
WOW Police Patrol Riders
We’re police constables John and Mickey and we’re here to fight crime and protect our WOW friends! We’re out night and day on our speedy, push along trike and police pony, Ella, in search of criminals to lock away. Our police pony, Ella, assists us on our duties and she can always sniff out a baddie when he’s nearby. Our set comes includes us, our police trike and our trusty horse, Ella. Contents:...
£9.50 inc VAT
WOW Police Plane PeteWOW Police Plane Pete
WOW Police Plane Pete
Hi everyone, I’m Police Plane Pete! The reliable Police plane who keeps the all WOW friends safe! I work with my buddies in the emergency department, Police Chase Charlie and the Police Patrol Riders, to make sure all the baddies are locked up and everyone else can enjoy their days in peace. My motorised action makes my propellers spin round so I have more chance of catching crooks! I even have three...
£12.50 inc VAT
WOW Ronnie RocketWOW Ronnie Rocket
WOW Ronnie Rocket
My name’s Ronnie Rocket and I’m a super-sonic space rocket ready for outer space adventures! Pull my pull-cord on Ziggy the robot to trigger my countdown: 5…4…3…2…1… TAKE OFF! Watch me vibrate as my numbers start to count down. My spaceman, Major Tom, revolves in his cockpit as the countdown is triggered, and then, BLAST OFF! My secret push button flips the cockpit open to reveal Major...
£17.99 inc VAT
WOW Ryan's Road TripWOW Ryan's Road Trip
WOW Ryan's Road Trip
My name’s Ryan and I love to go camping with my happy camper friends, Henry, Indiana and Junior! What could be better than relaxing in the woods in front of a roaring fire and roasting marshmallows with a nice sing-along! Some of my WOW friends are scared of the woods at night time, but I can’t get enough of exploring and starting new adventures with my friends! Casey Camper likes to join me when...
£17.99 inc VAT
WOW Tow Truck Tim & Rolling RayWOW Tow Truck Tim & Rolling Ray
WOW Tow Truck Tim & Rolling Ray
Tow Truck Tim here! I’ve just been called out to pick up Rolling Ray; he always get in trouble around WOW Town and it’s me who has to go and pick him up! He’s as sturdy as the rest of us, but doesn’t know his own limits and always finds himself in trouble. My magnetic winch connects to all WOW cars & automatically pulls them up the ramp – WOW! When Ray’s ready to go again, drop down my...
£29.50 inc VAT
WOW Whiz Around AmyWOW Whiz Around Amy
WOW Whiz Around Amy
Hi guys, I’m Whiz-Around Amy, and although I’m new to WOW Town I’m not afraid to whiz around and show everyone that I’m the coolest bike around! My cute pink and flowery paint job shows everyone that I’m a girlie-girl at heart, but when it comes to racing, I always try my best to beat the boys! My best friends, Ted the teddy bear and Tiddles the kitten, ride along to keep me company during...
£12.50 inc VAT