Mains Energisers

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ESM401 Mains Energiser
ESM401 Mains Energiser
Mains-powered energiser with 0.3 stored joules. Suitable for paddocks and short lengths of fencing with little contact with vegetation. Pulse indicator light. Best with short-haired animals and pets. Recommended for cattle, horses, pigs, dogs and cats. Power Source: 220/230V. Stored Energy: 0.3J. Max Power Use: 6.4W. Open Volts: 6.6kV. Distance Rating Based on HT wire: 3km (no vegetation) or 1.5km...
£139.99 inc VAT
Kite 0.8J Mains EnergiserKite 0.8J Mains Energiser
Kite 0.8J Mains Energiser
A single output mains energiser. Features a wall mount and a pulse indicator. An HT lead is required for installation. Stored Joules: 0.8J. Output Joules: 0.45J. Voltage under load: 7.5kV/3.9kV. Consumption: 2W. Maximum distance: 8km. Capable of powering to up to 5 sheep nets or 2 poultry nets. Please note that a minimum of one 1m earth stake is recommended with all energisers. Comes with a 3 year...
£52.30 inc VAT